ALNUR Signs Business Alliance Agreement with Evergen

Press Release 12 January 2023

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-based ALNUR Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Path Corporation, has established a collaboration with PT Evergen Resources which is situated in Kaliwungu, Kendal, Central Java. Alnur and Evergen have entered into an alliance agreement to conduct the first commercialization of “fucoxanthin” in Indonesia. Fucoxanthin is derived from microalgae using Alnur’s indoor cultivation equipment.

While Evergen is known as a pioneer company in microalgae cultivation in Indonesia, Alnur has operated an unparalleled R&D center that conducts stable indoor continuous culture of microalgae and extraction of fucoxanthin.

Yuzo Takahashi, Director of Alnur, and Siswanto Harjanto, CEO of Evergen represent their respective companies in the alliance agreement.

The fucoxanthin derived from microalgae produced by ALNUR is a type of marine carotenoid that is contained in very small amounts in brown algae such as kelp and wakame seaweed. It has a high value in the market as an ingredient of cosmetics and health foods, and advanced research is expected in various fields such as cancer, diabetes, atopy, fat burning, photoaging suppression, and hair growth.

Evergen has already cultivated, extracted and commercialized microalgae containing "astaxanthin" in a large-scale outdoor photobioreactor cultivation facility. In addition, Evergen is untapping the power of microalgae to improve the quality of human life, as evidenced by a proven track record in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and health food industries with the company’s astaxanthin raw material under the name "AstaLuxe", which has been marketed in Indonesia and several countries around the world.

Following the success of AstaLuxe, Evergen is searching for the next useful raw material, the company is looking to commercialization by manufacturing "fucoxanthin" derived from microalgae as the raw material.

In this business alliance, Evergen will provide indoor cultivation equipment and technology for ALNUR, conduct tests on Evergen's premises, and establish mass cultivation of microalgae containing "fucoxanthin" derived from microalgae as in Japan.

“We would like to consider selling in several countries around the world as a business of microalgae-derived fucoxanthin raw materials through Evergen’s large-scale capital investment, just like astaxanthin,” Harjanto said.

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